Landing fee for
an aircraft with a take-off mass ≤ 2 t 50 PLN
an aircraft with a take-off mass> 2 30 PLN/t*
Helicopter 15 PLN/t*

*) For every tone

Passenger charge
Passenger charge 18 PLN
Parking fees
Each started 24 h of standing 4 PLN/t*

*) for each started the maximum mass takeoff

Standard ground handling
airplane with a take-off mass <5.4t 50 PLN
airplane with a take-off mass of 5.4t – 10t 80 PLN
A plane with a take-off mass > 10t 120 PLN

The fee for standard ground handling of small aircraft includes: agent assistance, unloading and loading of luggage, transport on board and it is calculated according to the maximum take-off weight (net price).

Aviation fuel
Jet A-1 2,52 PLN/l
Avgass 100 LL 7,20 PLN/l

The above prices do not include VAT and excise tax.

In order to purchase fuel at a rate of 0% VAT it is necessary to:

  • be present on the current list of air carriers operating mainly in international transport (published by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority or by the appropriate authority for the carrier)
  • Where the country of establishment of the carrier is not listed and the buyer is not on the list published by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority as a prerequisite for applying the 0% VAT rate, the original of the official document confirming recognition of the carrier seat, mainly engaged in international transport (e.g. concession,  AOC certification or other equivalent document confirming the right to carry international transport).

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