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You are invited to Polish Toscana- Lubuskie region and its extraordinary magical places.


Lubuskie vineyards

From May to October you can visit picturesque, attractive and full of traditions Lubuskie vineyards! You can savour the wine and feel the palate of its true harmony, try natural grape products, and also buy their seedlings. The Lubuskie wine and honey trail offers both events and events, as well as the facilities, services, production and products offered by winemakers, beekeepers, hoteliers and museums.


Mazuria in Lubuskie

Lubuskie Voivodship is often called the “land of five hundred lakes”, although in fact there are about six hundreds of them! The largest lake in the region is the Sławskie lake. Very popular are also lakes: Łagów, Niesłysz or Dąbie. The region crosses numerous kayak trails, and there are well-equipped sailing centres. We invite enthusiasts of water adventurers to a small town – Łagów, the so-called “jewel of the land of Lubuskie”


Lubuskie wonder of nature

Mużakowski Park is the largest park in English style in Poland and Germany. It was founded in the first half of the twentieth century by a Prussian aristocrat, Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. It is one of the most outstanding achievements of European garden art. In 2004 it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage.


Geopark- Muscau Arc

The Muscau Arc geopark has a unique U-shaped geological structure resulting from the Scandinavian glaciers, a unique in European scale. Unique geological phenomena are presented in the geopark on the Polish and German side thanks to numerous geotouristic paths, the most attractive of which is the path of the “old mines”, located between Łęknica and Nowe Czaple.
It is important to pay particular attention to the need to correctly identify the geopark that has been included in the UNESCO program and to be able to use its mark in summarizing information about the geopark.


Międzyrzecze Fortified Region

This is an impressive fortification system created by the Germans in the years 1934-1944 to protect the eastern border of the Nazi-Germany. You can find here interesting military objects and the largest fortification basements in the world. There is also a unique bat reserve, where winter over 30 thousands individuals belonging to 12 species of this special mammals.


Landscape Parks in Lubuskie

In the Lubuskie province there are seven landscape parks connected into a complex of landscape parks in the Lubuskie province. Their total area along with the closures is 126 thousand. 305 hectares. Conservation values ​​are natural, historical and cultural areas under conditions of reduced human economic activity.


Warta River Mouth National Park

The “Warta Mouth” national park is an exceptionally valuable ornithological area of ​​more than 8,000 hectares, with unique wetlands, vast meadows and pastures. The whole is one of the most important in Poland for water and marsh bird sanctuary. Approximately 270 species of birds have been found in the park, 26 of which are rare or endangered.

What is worth seeing in Lubuskie?


  • Przystanek Woodstock (lipiec – sierpień, Kostrzyn n. Odrą)
  • Winobranie (wrzesień, Zielona Góra)
  • Lubuskie Lato Filmowe (czerwiec, Łagów)
  • Solanin Festiwal (sierpień, Nowa Sól)
  • Muzyka w Raju (sierpień, Paradyż)
  • Noc Nenufarów (lipiec, Lubrza)
  • Międzynarodowy Dziecięcy Festiwal Folkloru (sierpień, Zielona Góra)
  • Międzynarodowy Festiwal Kina Autorskiego Quest Europe (sierpień, Zielona Góra)
  • Lato Muz Wszelakich (lipiec-sierpień, Zielona Góra)
  • Kabaretobranie (sierpień, Zielona Góra)
  • Weekendy otwarte winnic (maj-wrzesień)

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