Economic activity zone already operating in the lubuskie voivodeship, Lubuskie Industrial and Technological Park, Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone (K-SSSE) and the location at the junction of European transport routes provide the possibility of creating an economic activity zone around the airport and with new investrs – Intermodal Industrial-Transport-Logistic Centre.

Since 1997, K-SSSE has issued nearly 200 permits to operate in the zone. The border between the Polish and German states has led to the development of the transport, medicine, finance and trade sectors. The industry is represented by divisions: chemical, metal, automotive, wood processing, building materials, IT and electronics.

Entrepreneurs starting a business in special economic zones may benefit from a 50% to 70% income tax exemption for investment costs or two-year labour costs for newly hired employees.

The Zielona Góra/Babimost Airport has excellent facilities for infrastructure development, both within the airport area and is surrounded by land for investment.

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